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Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment that offers a sanctuary from the stress and strains of modern day living. Dr. Nesi and his staff at Euphoric Healing first concern is the patient’s health, happiness, and well-being. Our approach is a holistic and innovative one, treating the entire person, not just their symptoms with the latest in technology.

Through this approach, we are better able to assist patients in achieving greater levels of health and wellness. Living by the motto “providing phenomenal health care” and that we are “Healthy by Choice, not by Chance,” Doctors of Euphoric Healing and staff have the passion necessary to assist you in reaching your health goals.


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Meet Dr. Nesi

Dr. Edwin Nesi, D.C.

Dr. Edwin Nesi is a licensed Chiropractor who is serving the Miami community. Dr. Nesi's primary concern is correcting and preventing nerve interference, musculoskeletal injuries and biomechanical imbalances. His clinical experience and ongoing active participation in sports and fitness gives him a unique approach to treating his patients.
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Why Choose Us?

The treatments offered at Euphoric Healing chiropractic centers are personalized for the individual and their specific needs. Because many problems are complex in nature, additional help may be required from other sources. Dr. Nesi works collaboratively with a network of health-care professionals.

Dr. Nesi believes that a team approach is often the most effective way to resolve these problems. His office is known for their excellent reputation within the community for getting results. If he can't offer a solution to your problems, he will find the best health-care professionals for your situation. He is looking forward to helping you in any way that he can.

How Euphoric Healing Came To Be

“My journey as chiropractor started when I was in high school. I was training and preparing for a track meet when a neighbor; who was a chiropractor introduced me to the benefits of chiropractic care and sports performance. He informed me that by maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system, my ability as an athlete would improve not only because hard work and training but also because of communication between the brain and muscular system would be at its optimal level. With that thought in mind I would give it a try, anything to give me an edge over my competitors. I felt pretty good following the adjustment and performed pretty well the next meet. I immediately felt that there was something behind this profession and decided since becoming a doctor was a goal but also participating in sports, that this would the profession for me. I have a chance to meet and care for people from all realms and still be around sports.” – Dr. Edwin Nesi


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